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Welcome to Our Thriving Community!

Mutable Earth Botanicals is a thriving community of people of all ages. We come together to remember that we are a woven integral piece of the ecosystem and that working with plants for our health and well being is our birthright. We host events seasonally - please join us!

Our herbal remedies are inspired by what the seasons offer and carefully formulated by a clinically trained herbalist. Community herbalists learn through experience and support the creation of our remedies. Each remedy is formulated to support you Body, Mind and Spirit. All herbs are harvested with intention at the height of their expression and all we use all organic and as local as possible ingredients.  

Please reach out with any questions and let us know if you need anything. 



Spagyric Tincture Blends

Spagyric Tincture Simples


Herbal Teas


The Grapevine is Strong - Join Us!

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Let's Learn   &
Grow Together

We are a thriving community and look forward to meeting and reconnecting with you at our community events.

Since 2011 100s of people have gathered, tended, learned and grown in relationship to our food forest and the ecosystem has grown up along side our growing community. 

Events are offered seasonally including CommUnity Herbalism Days, Permaculture courses and various herbalism workshops. Click below for details and registration and we will see y'all soon!

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