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Herbalism + Permaculture

Mutable Earth Botanicals connects people to plant remedies from our Medicinal Forest Garden. Our plant community is tended and harvested with care and intention at the height of their expression. All plant remedies are processed in small batches by hand. All ingredients are organic and as local as possible. 

Each formula is
 inspired by what the seasons offer and carefully formulated by a clinically trained herbalist. 


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Let's Learn   &
Grow Together

The dream to gather and create together is coming in strong this season. I have posted a whole new flow of workshops that I see weaving together for a full Community Herbalism experience. We have a nice big indoor space to enjoy at the new place and the forest garden is begging for human company. There is a community calendar on our website that will soon include volunteer days and open apothecary mornings. It will include events from Mutable Earth, Cultivate - Community Garden Center and Austin Permaculture Guild and other members of this growing community collective. 

Every 1st and 3rd Friday we host FREE CommUnity Herbalism Days from 10 -1pm. This is going to be an immersive opportunity to get our hands and hearts into the seasonal flow together. A new way to practice herbalism, permaculture and weave community. Please RSVP here.


I have taken threads of my practice to share with y'all this season in the form of smaller workshops. The Medicine Garden and Herbal Medicine Making Workshop weave together beautifully to support you in cultivating abundance and preparing what you need to support yourself, family and community. The Introduction to Permaculture is a great way to see your home and garden with a fresh perspective and meet others doing the same. Many of y'all have asked me for a Spagyrics workshop which will be a fun experiential day full of plants and planets. Each of these workshops offer unique content that weave together beautifully - fun fun fun! 


 Please reach out with any questions. ~Caroline


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