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Because it's the best and feels so good!

Sustainability is at the heart of all we do here. We harvest 10,000 gallons of rainwater which I filter and use for all of my herbal remedies. These hydrosols couldn't be more local. All ingredients come from onsite. 

The process of distillation is a moving meditation which brings me great joy. Each year the forest garden creates more and more plant abundance. This led me down the path towards my small copper alembic still. In my journey with Alchemy and Spagyrics, making hydrosols has been a profound way to get to know the true nature of some of my favorite plant friends. 

I harvest the plants when they are in their highest expression, process and distill on the same day using filtered rainwater collected onsite. 

Personally, I use hydrosols and herb infused oils daily as a part of my skincare practice. When I get out of the shower, I spray with hydrosol to tonify the skin and uplift the Spirit then oil up my skin and hair with herb infused oils to protect my whole being for the day.  

Are you a maker of creams and body care? Please reach out if you are interested in buying hydrosols in bulk for your creations. 

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