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Mutable Earth is the elemental representation for The plant world, the ever changing flows of the seasons and the astrological sign of Virgo. Mutable Earth is also me, Caroline Riley. I am one serious Virgo Godess who is also a lover of the plant world. 

We exist to support our community in having access to local, organic, herbal medicines cultivated and prepared on site at the Whole Life Learning Center. Whole Life founder and herbalist Caroline Riley Carberry, created the apothecary in 2018 after 6 years of transforming a pasture into a forest garden full of food and medicinal plants.

As our gardens have matured and created an abundant surplus Caroline realized that creating access to holistic health options while cultivating relationships to the plants growing on site is the next step in creating a dynamic holistic learning center. We practice regenerative farming techniques to grow native and non native medicinal plants while stewarding the garden ecosystem, Our gardens are a living classroom for students ages 3-14 during the week and we host students for regenerative design and herbalism courses on the weekends. 

Also onsite is our new garden center Cultivate - Holistic Homestead Supply. In the yurt shop is where you can find Mutable Earth Botanicals products and where you can pick up your online orders from this website. Cultivate Hours change seasonally. Check their website for details. 

While our herbal products utilize what the forest garden offers us seasonally, Caroline has stocked the apothecary with over 100 organic medicinal plant extracts from high quality sources to work with during one on one consultations. Caroline prepares these extracts using organic distilled spirits and organic food grade vegetable glycerin. She prepares her extracts the Alchemical way of Spagyrics. Each plant is harvested at an optimal time and prepared in a way that creates the most potent  medicinal that works with the Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. She also dries as much plant material as possible for custom blended teas for clients. Medicinal plants are each unique and support our whole being in righting the course and carving new pathways from the macro to micro of needs in our body, mind and spirit. They also support the whole being in maintaining wellness and vitality making them a perfect choice for preventive care.  Each herb has an affinity for a system of the body and an herbal action that catalyzes changes to promote health and wellbeing. 

Because we are creating medicinals with what the land offers us seasonally using the highest quality ingredients and smallest carbon footprint possible our stock ebbs and flows with the seasons. Enjoy our unique, small batch medicinal products. 

If you are looking for support with a specific concern or inquiry please schedule a session with Caroline from the Wellness Consultation tab. at the top of the page.

More about Caroline:

Caroline Riley is a Texas native who grew up in the garden with her family and free ranging on the Texas coast with a fishing rod. At a young age she fell in love with the workings of nature and has always walked through life with awe for the interconnection of all things and the ever-changing wonders of the plant world throughout the seasons.

She spent her 20’s as a single mom with an adventurous spirit, exploring natural places and dreaming of creating a community with her son. She completed a Liberal Arts degree in Education with a Lower Elementary Montessori Training, feeling that this framework was a great container for nature and place-based education. 

In 2004 while living in Colorado, Caroline discovered permaculture design and soon incorporated the ethics and principles into her Montessori classroom. Through her Permaculture design practice and life as a mom, Caroline quickly discovered the joy of partnering with plants as medicine to promote overall health and wellbeing. 

In 2009 the unthinkable happened when Caroline’s son and father died in an accident. Searching for support and healing Caroline leaned deeply on herbal medicine and alternative healing. Through this experience she grew her connection to an ever growing community of medicinal plants growing all around her. Before she knew it she had a small home apothecary.

In 2011 Caroline married Michael Carberry. That same year they opened The Whole Life Learning Center, a holistic school with a mission to foster self-awareness, social justice and sustainability. 

That same Fall she also began teaching Permaculture design at Austin Community College. 

As the school grew so did the gardens and Caroline’s love for teaching Permaculture design. She was excited to combine the two as she began teaching Permaculture design courses with Austin Permaculture Guild, hosting the courses at The Whole Life Learning Center in 2014. 

To date, the Whole Life Learning Center is where Caroline focuses her creativity. Since breaking ground on the 2 acre site in 2011 hundreds of hands have planted over 100 edible and medicinal species of plants. The campus is a living classroom and example of sustainability in Central Texas. 

In 2018 Caroline started 7 Feathers Apothecary who's current name is Mutable Earth Botanicals where she makes herbal remedies from the plants cultivated onsite. It is here that she meets with clients to restore a healthy balance in the body, mind, heart and spirit. Caroline comes from the Vitalist tradition of herbalism that looks at the whole person — deeply investigating, looking beyond surface symptoms alone, until the root cause of why a client has come to work with her is found. She studied Clinical Herbalism, Alchemical Herbalism and Astro Herbalism with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She has studied locally with Ginger Webb and Sacred Journey School of Herbalism. In 2020 she began studying Botanical Medicine for Women's Health with Aviva Romm

Caroline teaches with master herbalist Ginger Webb of Texas Medicinals and Sacred Journey School of Herbalism. Once a year they host a course called the The Village Herbalist which has a mission of growing a community of herbalists and medicinal forest gardens to empower people to support the health of themselves, their families and communities. 

Caroline also hosts small daylong workshops and plant explorations in her gardens and looks for any opportunity to help connect people and plants. 

When not at the learning center, Caroline can be found at her South Austin home with her two kiddos and husband cooking good food and playing in the front yard garden with the friends and neighbors. 

Mugwort is a personal favorite
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