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Estafiate  and Rose Hyrdosol

Created with the help of our Community Herbalists and our Spring Permaculture Course participants. This hydrosol is a snapshop of spring with crisp aromatics and a dreamy uplifting vibe.


Estafiate is our native Mugwort. It smell crisp and clean and is wonderfully antimicrobial. Enjoy this rejuvenating mist on your skin daily to tone and hydrate. Also supports strong boundaries and bringing dreams into physical form. 


Suggested use: mist skin after bathing. Pump 4-5 times into hand, add one pump of your favorite body oil and apply to face and neck for a perfect daily skin treatment.


Ingredients: Filtered rainwater, fresh Estafiate and Rose from the food forest.


2 fluid oz

Estafiate and Rose Hyrdosol

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