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Vetiver and Rose Hydrosol

Calm the Root ~ Balance the Crown ~ Great for Scaring & Acne ~ Grounds Attention & Anxiety


All organic ingredients: Vetiver root and rose blossoms in filtered water. Made with fresh plant from our food forest.


Suggested use: Mist skin after bathing. Pump 4-5 times into hand, add one pump of your favorite body oil and apply to face and neck for the perfect skin treatment. 


What is a hydrosol? Fresh plant is harvested from the land and placed into my copper still (Ms. Alembic is her name) with filtered rainwater. The still is heated until the water inside comes to a boil. The water vapor extracts the essential oils from the plant into the steam. The steam is then cooled and condensed into a mixture of essential oils and water that drips out of the still as what we call Hydrosol. These potent medicinal waters contain the oils from the plant and can be used the same as essential oils but are less strong and therefore safe to use without diluting. They are wonderful to have on hand and can be used to tone and freshen the skin, instantly lift your mood or be added to a bath for hydrotherapy.  


2 fl. oz. (60ml.)


These products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.

Vetiver and Rose Hydrosol

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