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Herb Infused Oils

Herb infused oils

Self Care is Sexy

Herb Infused Oil for Pleasure & Health

Always organic. Always Essential oil free. Perfect for skin care, massage, and safe for humans of all ages.

I make a few small batches of herb infused oils year. While I use some plant friends from other sources in my tea and tincture blends, the herbs for these infused oils always come from the land. ​

The practice of oiling our skin and hair is a most important piece to supporting the immune and nervous system. Our skin is the the first physical boundary between ourselves and the world around us.


Have you ever experienced frazzled nerves after being out on a windy day? My number one self care after a long day is a warm bath and then self massage with herb infused oil. The oils soothe the nervous system, heal environmental damage and the herbs enter the body through the skin adding an additional layer to the therapeutics. This is one of the many practices that Ayurveda has mastered. 

I start with high quality organic base oils which I choose depending on the season and infuse herbs that protect, heal and soothe the whole being - Body, Mind & Spirit. 


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