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Each person is so exquisitely unique – and so are our ailments. If you’re suffering from chronic stress, burnout, or some suspicious symptoms (you don’t need to know why), let Caroline support you!

This 1:1 consultation is a safe space to utilize her 20 years of herbalism and healing wisdom to find the perfect plant remedies just for you. We will sample specific tinctures on site, and you will leave with a custom blended tincture in hand.


Permaculture Consults

If you’ve been struggling, unsure of how to optimize your yard or garden space, let us help you!  These on-site consults utilize Caroline’s unique wisdom and years of professional permaculture experience to bring your dream vision to life.

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Whether it’s your inner landscape or your home’s landscaping that’s got you puzzled and looking for solutions, Caroline is the woman you have been wishing for. Her 20+ years of experience in herbalism, permaculture, healing, and holding deep space for others culminates in these potent 1:1 consultations that are as unique as you are.

Over the years, “Mama Caroline” as she’s fondly known, has served hundreds of people who come to her with physical or emotional ailments they just can't shake…sick family members…or a patch of Earth that needs a master’s vision. 


Herbal Consultations

In these personal sessions, confidentiality and trust are the foundation. Caroline’s grounded and calm presence allows people to relax, open up, and tap into their truth. She guides clients gracefully through medical history, self-inquiry, and exploring with plant remedies (you will drop dose tinctures during the session to find the right plant ally for your unique needs). No two sessions are the same, and Caroline pulls from a vast array of healing modalities, plant knowledge, and the deep wisdom she holds. She is masterful at matching plants with the people who need them. In this intimate space, Caroline often sends clients home with deeper inquiries or practices to catalyze movement in the home, body, and/or life.  Caroline listens deeply, and is a catalyst for Spirit to help restore your well-being and balance.

If you feel a “yes” in your body, trust that…and book your session from the choices below.

Permaculture Garden Consultations

You get Caroline’s presence and wisdom in your space for one hour with this property consultation. She will take in the land, applying her vast permaculture wisdom, accessing and identifying the best suited place for a garden, use of a space, ways to help the property flow and thrive, or to design a custom garden for you. Depending on your needs and desires, Caroline will help create an easy hand drawn flow map and plant lists that fit your home’s specific needs. These consults can be tailors to your specific needs. Call with questions.

Mutable Earth Consultations

Workshop Info
Hi I'm Caroline.

I love life's serendipities and this was a big one for me. I cultivated many things during this crazy year, but the highlight is a renewed love of plants and growing in ways that had been swirling in my head and you helped bring that into focus with me discovering your apothecary and then taking the medicine garden class. I've just begun this journey down the herbal path, but wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of plants. Thank you for cultivating such a sweet community. Thank you for being you. You and your class were a bright spot of my year. ✨🌱 

~Laura ATX

Working with Caroline is a truly precious & special gift. Not only does she have tremendous knowledge of Western Herbalism and wisdom traditions, she was willing to do deep research for me on my own specific health issues.  I appreciate how spacious and present she is to know the right timing of things:  to move, to be still, to integrate.
It was incredible working with her through a 28 day Lunar cycle, specifically during this time of quarantine, pandemic, global social justice uprising. She helped me reconnect to my heart and stay close to the earth so I can be of most benefit to others.
I look forward to continue working with her and deeply recommend her for anyone looking to get deep, real, and spacious.

~Abbey, ATX

A beautiful basket full of herbs that will soon be a respiratory tonic
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