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The Permaculture Garden

Working with the flows to create your dream garden - perfect for the DIY permie.

  • 20 minutes
  • phone call

Service Description

How can I help? This consult can be scheduled to fit your needs. Call or email to set up a time where we can either meet unperson or remotely. I am excited to have the space to offer consultations again - so please utilize me! This consult is perfect for those of us who want to do it ourselves are are looking for a framework of support to ensure that we are workings part! I hear it all the time in a variety of ways: I just don't know where to start. How do I design a plant guild? I put stuff in the ground and it just dies. What is growing here already? How do I grow healthy soil. I need help putting all the pieces together. Hiring a landscape designer is expensive and the design they create is intended to sell their time implementing. This consult will get you oriented to the flows of the seasons in your space and help you place plants and hardscapes where they will thrive for seasons to come. We have options: ~Hourly consulting on a project that we agree upon. Call or email and let's see if we are a good fit. Hourly fee: $60 including travel time. ~I come to your place and observe the flows of the sun, water, wind, people and wildlife to create a practical map that will help define specific criteria on the placement of hardscapes and plants. Once the criteria are defined creating plant lists that are sure to live and thrive becomes WAY easier. You must provide a survey or well printed arial map on the day of the consult - survey is preferred. I will draw the flows on your map and create a plant list and recommended order of operations according to the specific criteria of your home. I will also give you access to a ton of resources including content on growing living soil, earthworks to work with the flows of water on the land and plant lists specific to this area via google drive to support you further in your permaculture endeavors. I can also help you procure plants, soil amendments and other materials. Please ask if interested, this is not included in this consult. Duration 6 - 8 hrs of consulting Cost: $60 an hr If you live outside of a 30 minute drive from the 78748 zip code I may need to be paid for my driving time. Any consulting outside the scope of this consult will be invoiced separate from this consult.

Contact Details

+ 512-217-0661

10801 Old San Antonio Road, Austin, TX, USA

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